Millions of swimsuits and bikinis are returned each and every year.

The management of this many returns can initially seem like a headache to any ecommerce professional or service representative. Luckily, the process for managing these various returns has never been easier thanks to tools like Return Magic and what we offer brands.

Recently, we had a conversation with one of our clients, Midori Bikini to discuss how they operate their returns and the impact of Return Magic. In this short interview, we discuss everything from techniques that can increase your customers lifetime value to an approach that saved them tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s get to it…

Impact: Increased gift card refunds and decrease cash refunds; reduced return rate.

What is your story?

Aloha, we are Midori Bikinis, a women swimwear designer running on Shopify Plus since 2011. Our collection is inspired by Brazilian-style bikinis and we are committed to focusing on the natural beauty of a woman.

Midori Bikinis provides a distinctively compelling user experience all around the site. What value does Return Magic contribute to your customers?

The value comes in the form of a dramatically improved shopping experience. Since online apparel is a competitive space, it is a real differentiator for fashion retailers to be able provide the best onsite experience to shoppers and follow through with amazing delivery and returns. Return Magic automatically generates a branded return portal via a url extension of our site. It does not take the shopper outside of our site.

If I can describe the benefit in a few words, it boils down to ultimate convenience. Return Magic is seamless and makes it really easy for shoppers to process a return within 1 minute, including receiving a label. It also provides more choice for shoppers to choose their preferred refund method, including gift cards, exchanges and original payment. Then the refunds, whether it is a cash or gift card refund, are processed directly in the app in the Shopify admin console, I don’t need to process anything outside of the app, and it automatically sync with my store data. The impact of more refund choices has been great for us as well, we realised that customers pick gift card refunds a lot more often when they have more refund options, and funnily enough that has saved us a lot of money by reducing cash refunds!

So that added choice for refunds really makes the return touch point stand out for shoppers, which is great for us because it really improved loyalty and overall spending — especially from our most valuable customer segments. And even better: the rules engine makes the return policy customisable. For example you can decide to deliver a different return experience based on a number of dimensions, such as country, order value, discount value, return reason; you can even create a specific tag for final sale or exchange-only items. This rule engine is very flexible and powerful.

You mentioned that the rules & analytics have been impactful. Can you describe how has the analytics & reporting module improved your store?

Another powerful feature is the real time tracking of returns, with the ability to review all past returns, as well as dashboards for key indicators: refund method (e.g. gift card, cash), return reason (e.g. fit, damaged), most returned SKUs, and even highest-returning customers. This data is really actionable: We spotted a fit issue in one of our collections, and by having this insight we were able to adapt our inventory decisions, which drastically reduced returns and increased our margin quasi-instantly. We’re talking about tens of thousands of extra dollars in profit margins.”

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