One of my favorite quotes is this timeless idea from Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

In ecommerce today, far too much focus is on acquiring customers and getting them to buy again. Everyone is talking about growth hacks and retention hacks but what about increasing the actual lifetime value of your existing customers post-purchase? What if I told you that you can increase your customers lifetime value without breaking the bank?

You’d likely want to read more. Well…

Today is your lucky day. I’ve put together a list of cost effective and efficient ways to increase the value of ecommerce customers through increased loyalty, increased frequency, and a larger basket size all after they have made a purchase on your site. These five post-purchase techniques are great ways to leave customers satisfied and reduce the number of returns.

Here they are:

1: Write thank you cards and personal notes.

Bringing an emotional component in this crucial moment when the customer opens the package is an almost infinite ROI. It takes one minute for the staff (or even the CEO) to write and it leaves a strong and lasting impression.

Here’s the type of pay off that a simple thank you card can result in:

2: Ask for feedback and make the customer’s voice count.

Asking for feedback systematically via email has two main benefits: 1) it provides insights on what to improve 2) by inviting the customer to open up, and by paying close attention to what they are saying, trust is built more easily.

3: Insert a promo flyer in the package to encourage repeat purchases.

The right offering at the right time can encourage customers to spend more and become more loyal. Promo flyers can be segmented to target the high loyalty candidates.

4: Provide real-time tracking via sms updates.

Customers love transparency. They love to know what is going on. Sending them SMS updates proactively is a cheap and effective way to build brand trust.

5: Promote easy returns.

The return experience is a key touch point to build customer loyalty. Today customers expect an easy return experience in order to convert. And they will remember, positively or negatively how the merchant made them feel when they requested to return an item. It’s a “make or break” loyalty moment.

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