So this happened. We launched Return Magic on Shopify in November 2016 without many expectations. Based on our own past experience working as online retailers at Amazon and Frank + Oak, we experienced first hand the real struggle of online returns, both for merchants and shoppers.

We set out to bring a new solution that creates a magic moment for shoppers, instead of a painful process. How do we do that? By rethinking the return experience: Return Magic enables merchants to really zoom in on the return touchpoint and deliver more engagement to shoppers, to increase their lifetime value.

During our time in the Shopify Partner Accelerator we were lucky to receive a strong endorsement in a series of Shopify features. The level of involvement and energy from their crew was amazing — special shout out to Courtney Symons our partner manager, she was a total game changer!

This initial visibility really helped us obtain over 30 reviews so far (all of them 5 stars!), which really kicked off word of mouth as a result. We now count over 1,200 merchants with Return Magic installed, including a large portion of high-volume online fashion retailers such as Modern Citizen, Lunya, Midori, Mugsy Jeans, Treadlabs, and many more Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants handling several hundred returns each month.

No doubt that the most fun part of building a beta has been to get close to our customers, constantly asking them for feedback, and going above and beyond to deliver a great service that match (or exceed) the engineering quality of the app.

So what do merchants appreciate about Return Magic today? We ran interviews and asked our top merchants directly:

“Its ability to really enhance the return experience for shoppers, by automatically creating a branded return portal and generating labels instantly,” said Midori Bikinis. “This makes the whole return flow totally seamless for our customers and saves easily 3–4 hours of daily manual work to our customer service specialists. It’s really seamless: gift cards are generated directly inside the app. The merchant can elect to offer multiple return options, such as gift cards, cash refunds, or exchanges. This range of choice brings the most convenient return experience, and funnily enough, more choice meant that shoppers increased gift cards refunds via Return Magic, so my store is better off too.”

Another top merchant highlighted the powerful rules engine combined with detailed analytics: “I can easily customize the return experience a shopper will receive based on several dimensions like the country, the order value, the discount levels, return reasons, etc. I can also mark items as final sale. This rule engine is very flexible and powerful. The return experience is really policy-driven. Return Magic also offers detailed analytics on why and how people return. We spotted a fit issue in one of our collections, and by having this insight we were able to adapt our inventory decisions, which drastically reduced returns and increased our margin quasi-instantly. We’re talking about tens of thousands of extra dollars in profit margins.”

So it’s with a warm heart and pure excitement for our upcoming features that we conclude our beta phase. A huge thank you to Shopify and to our amazing Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. We’re determined to take Return Magic to the next level, and fundamentally change how people do returns forever.

We have many tricks up our sleeve: we’ll be releasing new innovative features that will make returns even more magic in the next few months (a.k.a. stay tuned). We believe more than ever in the possibility of rethinking the return touchpoint, to leverage this moment to create a special connection between a merchant and their shoppers.

About Return Magic

Return Magic is a software for online retailers. We optimize the return experience to deliver a magical return touchpoint that engages and upsells shoppers. We automatically create a front-end portal for integration directly on the merchant’s site, making the return experience much easier, faster, and more personalized. Our vision is to create value for both shoppers and merchants by thinking differently about the return touchpoint.

As of March 2017, Return Magic has served over 1,200 merchants and is Shopify’s top-rated Return Solution, with 5-star-only ratings on the Shopify App Store.