The New Standard to Manage Customer Returns.

Shopify's Top Rated Return Solution.

Give your shoppers the best return experience.. ever.

Using Return Magic, take advantage of the returns experience to engage with your customers and increase lifetime value.

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A Seamless Return Experience
to Delight Your Shoppers.

Returns are a crucial touchpoint for customer loyalty.
A positive experience can deliver more value.
Happy customers come back and spend more.

Make Returns So Much
Easier to Manage.

Streamline the returns flow. Automate RMA's and shipping labels. Save yourself some time and pain.

Customize Your Policy and Return Rules Exactly To Your Needs.

A powerful and flexible rules engine to optimize more value for your store. Protect profits. Deliver a personalized return experience to increase your customer LTV.

Merchants Love Return Magic!

Return Magic is Shopify's Top Rated Return Solution.

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